Technology Consulting

Have a project in mind? Not quite sure how to realize your dream? WebPipers is backed by years of industry experience. We can help give your idea wings.

Just a little nudge

We can provide short or long-term project management. Whether you have a big team or a small team we can help keep everyone on the same page. Communication is key and that happens to be one of our finest attributes.

Hiring assistance

Need to hire a developer but lack the expertise to find the perfect fit? We can ask the questions your hiring professional may not have expertise in. Need a code test to screen applicants? We can help you there too!

Code analysis

Looking for a second opinion? Not quite sure if this is the foundation you want to build on or if you'll save time and money by starting fresh? We've seen the worst and we've seen the best. Allow us to do a deep dive into your codebase to give you a second opinion.

Have something else in mind?

If you have gaps to fill we have skills to fill them. Planning, management, development, we can do it and if we can't we have a network of specialists who can. Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know.

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