Does X business really need a website?

Yep...probably. Its true there are some scenarios where a business might not need a website (a garage that’s so busy they’re already turning away clients for instance) however this is pretty rare. Most prospective clients or customers want to know a little bit about you before getting involved and despite Facebook and Instagram being great ways to interact with your target audience your website is still what is going to make the best first impression. Visually and thematically this space is yours. It represents you and only you, not a friends list, not competitor ads, just you. This space may be as simple as a single page with your logo, phone number, and a few images, or it may be a one hundred page behemoth with the ability to compare prices, book appointments, chat live, and register for events. The point is: having a presence on social media or review sites is great but it's not a substitute for your own space.

A commonly thrown around number is that 50% of small businesses don’t have websites. Another statistic is that 50% of small businesses fail in their first five years. That’s a scare tactic right there. I don’t know if there’s any correlation between the two. Sorry about that.

Does your business have an advertising budget? A website may actually be one of the cheaper advertising options you have available to you. If you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself you can hire a freelancer, firm, or teenager to do it for you, though I don’t recommend the last option. Costs here at WebPipers typically start around $600. You can check some pricing examples here. Whereas there may be a large upfront cost the maintenance is often times just hosting.