Transparent Pricing

You're not going to believe what you're about to see... Prices. On the internet. Woah.

An Explanation

Every project is different, and this is far from all the options available, but if you're like me you want to have a general idea of project costs before judging feasibility. These prices may not reflect exactly what your project will cost but they should get you in the ballpark.

The McBasic w/cheese
- $599.99

Sometimes you just need a place to park your contact info and some basic details about your business. John owns a storage unit business and needs a single page to deliver contact information along with sizes and pricing for his three types of sheds. This is perfect for that. Its a super slim site and comes with an admin page for you to control the information.

Single page info site
Wordpress will get you up and running

Wordpress + Template
- $1,000

If you're looking for a site you can update basic information on, add a few pages to, and get your business onto the internet this might be all you need. Wordpress is relatively user friendly, fairly flexible, and an all around good low end solution. We'll work together to select a template that gets us a good framework for your marketing materials and then integrate your brand and imagery to make it 100% yours. From there I'll set it up for you and add up to three basic pages. You'll have a clean custom site that fits you and your business!

Fully Custom(izable) - Starting around $2,000

If you have custom needs that can't be met with either of the above we can work together to create something really interesting. We'll use well documented web technologies to create a custom application to fit exactly what you need. Kelly is looking for a calendar where she can display upcoming events for her business. It needs to pull from her google calendar and integrate a few details from her local database. We'll start on the Laravel Framework and use Vue.js for the front end fancy work. Customize a template to fit her marketing materials and build build build.

This is by far the solution with the most variance in cost but also offers the ultimate in scalability, customization, flexibility, and security. If you have big plans for your website this option will save you money in the end. Thinking about eventually adding ecommerce? Need to maintain complex data relationships? This is where the real action happens. Programmers love this stuff! The code is organized, clean, easy to build on, and oh yeah, organized.

Compare these options

McBasic Wordpress + Template Fully Custom
Starting Cost $600 $1,000 $2,000+
Scalability - Med High
Customizability - Med High
Security High Med High

Custom Work/Content Management - $80/hr

For all those odds and ends that don't fall directly into website creation there's the good old fashion hourly rate. We can help manage your site, update code, increase your searchability or any number of other projects.

Hourly Rate

- $7/mo

Oh yeah, you have to store it somewhere. Websites require hosting. Basic hosting on an AWS instance will allow your site to be delivered with reliability and speed. We can also work with your current host or a host of your choice to get you up and running.

Hosting Cost
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